Queering AI: Explorations in Creative Technology

Dr Francesco Bentivegna and Katy Dadacz have been awarded the Proof of Concept Impact Acceleration Fund to develop their project in collaboration with Pervasive Media Studio and Harriet Horobin-Worley (Queer Tech Bristol). The project responds to the marginalisation of trans and queer folx in conversations and speculations surrounding the future of creative technology and in particular AI. The aim of the project is to create a network for queer researchers, creative technologists and artists to collaborate together, share skills and re-imagine AI. This will culminate in a Queer AI manifesto.

This IAA application is the third part of a longer project on technologies for queer resilience (see Queer Practices and Creative Technologies and Queer Methodologies in Creative Technologies). Katy and Fran have also received the Ideas Exchange Fund from Brigstow Institute to share further expertise and knowledge on workshop practices for queer people and workshops around creative technology with MELT and Chloe Meineck.

The project will run from April-December 2024 and consist of:

4 Queer Artist Workshops (April, June, October and December)- for ten participants who will be the same throughout The aim is for the participants to share their own practice and exchange ideas via the workshop.

4 Public Talks open and free to the public at the PM Studio.

To follow this project, please check the CCT’s blog as well as the website Harriet is currently making (link to follow shortly).

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