What we do

The Centre for Creative Technologies provides a focus for colleagues across the Faculty of Arts working with or on creative technologies – whether analogue or digital – from film and print to gaming and VR. This includes researchers who are: using creative technologies as a methodology; creating content in their practice as research; collaborating with creative industries on impact and/or engagement; or engaging theoretically, ethically, or historically with media. The expertise of the centre is interdisciplinary, ranging from engineering, computer science, psychology and the creative arts. 

Our main aims are to:

  • facilitate collaborative research on creative technologies between disciplines within the Faculty and across the University;
  • become a vehicle for engaged research and knowledge exchange with creative industries through regional and international partnerships;
  • advocate for civic applications of creative technologies to address social challenges; and
  • support the community of early-career and postgraduate researchers working with creative technologies through training, networking and an inclusive research environment.  

Bristol is a creative technology hub as one of only two cities outside of London ranked in the UK top 10 for both creative and high-tech clusters. The centre works closely with local creative industries, renowned in natural history filmmaking, animation, documentary, live performance, games and post-production. The centre is based at the Pervasive Media Studio, where we have an active creative partnership with the artists-in-residency. 


Virtual Reality Oracle Project, Esther Eidinow, Kirsten Cater, et al, with Friday Sunday Studios, funded by AHRC, University of Bristol.