Friday Lunchtime Talks PM Studio 2024

The first Friday Lunchtime talk (26/01) organised through the CCT was by Dr Harry Wilson, Lecturer in Digital Theatre and Performance-Making in the Theatre department at the University of Bristol and co-programme director of the MA Immersive Arts

Harry introduced and reflected on three projects at the intersection of immersive technologies and performance practice. The projects all share a series of concerns around the ways that performances made with immersive technologies can facilitate intimate encounters between physical and virtual spaces, imagination and affective memory, and draw attention to the user’s embodied participation in the work.

Harry discussed a VR performance for 8 people based on John Berger’s book and our faces, my heart, brief as photos, developed during a residency at the National Theatre of Scotland in 2019; Placing Spaces (2023) a geo-located augmented reality installation of his 7-year-old daughter’s favourite places in Dundee; and a forthcoming research project on the ‘expanded dramaturgies’ of virtual reality performance. You can watch the talk below;

Upcoming Talks:

Dr Francesco Bentivegna and Katy Dadacz- Queering AI 12/04

Camilla Morelli 26/04

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