Call for Participants: Platform Cultures

Dr Jacqueline Ristola, a lecturer in Film & Television and a member of the Centre for Creative Technologies, has been awarded a funding from the Centre!

She is organising an event called Platform Cultures. Check out the call for participants below!

The event is on the 26th July at the Pervasive Media Studio.

To apply, fill out a statement of interest via the form linked here

‘Platforms have reached the point of ubiquity in our culture. Our lives are increasingly platformitized, and this extends to creativity as well. The intersection between platforms and cultural production is an emerging site of interest for both researchers and artists. Both groups are interested in the potentials and pitfalls of these technologies, and can be brought into productive discussion with each other to produce new methodologies for platform research and creativity. The goal of this event is to bring people together to produce such a discussion, building connections between researchers and practitioners, and encouraging further collaboration in the future.’

The Platform Cultures 1-day event is part-networking, part-workshop for artists and researchers based in the (Southwest) UK working broadly at the intersection between platforms and creativity. This event will be a space for interested researchers and/or practitioners to examine how different platforms encourage and shape the creation of art, culture, and creativity. The aim is to build interconnections between research and practice, and encourage further collaboration down the road. The event will be catered, and travel funding exists for those travelling into Bristol for the event.

The Activities:

Microtalks: Researchers and practitioners are invited to share their insight through brief, 5-minute talks examining how particular platforms shapes creativity and culture, followed by discussion and reflection.

Making Media: Participants are invited to make media on bespoke platforms such as TikTok, Horizon Worlds, and Instagram (subject to change due to availability of tech). Participants will be split up into groups toward collectively on producing media for a specific perform imparting some knowledge from the workshop itself.

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