Alternative Futures Seedcorn Funding Award

We are extremely excited to announce the Alternative Futures Seedcorn Funding Award open to centre members and PM residents.

This funding will enable researchers in the field of creative technologies and non-academic partners to work together to address industry, civic or social challenges and grow future collaborations.

Projects should be co-designed with non-academic partners from the start. Funding can be used to build the earlier stages of collaboration, for example:  

  • for scoping, planning and development work prior to a larger impact funding application;  
  • to engage with creative industry professionals or communities;  
  • for exploratory meetings, conversations and workshops to develop mutually beneficial ideas.   

If you would like a form, or if you have any questions please get in touch at

If your questions concern eligibility and application process please contact Robert Duerr, Impact Development Officer

The deadline for applications is Friday 14th April at 12.00 p.m

All applications should be discussed with your pre-award costing specialist to discuss your costs. All applicants should discuss their application with their School Research Director. 

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