Project Team

Professor Edward King is the Project Lead and a cultural theorist in Latin American Studies, in the Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Bristol. His work spans contemporary digital, visual and literary cultures, with a particular focus on the use of speculative fiction and multi-media texts, from comics to artists’ books, to expose and contest the shifting power dynamics of the digital age. Works Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America (UCL Press, 2017; co-authored with Joanna Page), Science Fiction and Digital Technologies in Argentine and Brazilian Culture (Palgrave: 2013) and Virtual Orientalism in Brazilian Culture (Palgrave: 2015), an examination of techno-orientalist discourses in Brazilian culture, Entwined Being: Twins in Digital, Visual and Literary Cultures (2022). 

Dr Victoria Adams is the Research Associate on the AHRC-funded project ‘Contesting Algorithmic Racism through Digital Cultures in Brazil’ and has recently completed a PhD in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics of the University of Cambridge, entitled ‘Material Virtuality: Remaking Rio de Janeiro’s Past and Present through Digital Media’.

Jennifer Goldsworthy is the Research Administrator on the AHRC-funded project ‘Contesting Algorithmic Racism through Digital Cultures in Brazil.’ She is currently an MA Anthropology student at the University of Bristol. Her research intersects the disciplines of autoethnography, decolonisation, the tarot and other forms of text-based oracular divination. She also works as a Faculty Engagement Officer in Widening Participation at the University.

Rafael Coutinho (Project Partner) is a comic artist, visual artist, screenwriter and teacher. Cachalote Produções is a São Paulo-based digital arts studio.
Aoca Game Lab (Project Partner) is a creative team of Bahia-based video game developers that design IPs that start from games to reach other areas of the entertainment industry, blending the potential of humanities and technologies. 

Global Innovation Gathering is an international network and NGO that harnesses the power of grassroots innovation for societal change. The network is made up of hackerspaces and other grassroots innovation communities alongside individual innovators, makers, technologists and changemakers.

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