Virtual Realities as Time Travel: Hybrid Workshop

We are very excited to announce the Virtual Realities as Time Travel workshop. The workshop will bring together speakers from across academic disciplines and industry to explore how users and producers of both VR experiences and historical video games conceive of journeying to the past. This will be at the University of Bristol and online on Friday 12 May 2023, 09:30-17:00.  

The workshop is presented by the Virtual Reality Oracle Project team. Virtual Reality Oracle (VRO) is a first-person virtual reality experience of oracular divination at the ancient Greek oracle of Zeus at Dodona c. 465 BCE. Individuals can immerse themselves into the stories of Ancient Greek men and women as they speak to the gods. For more information, view the project website.

The programme will bring together speakers connected through the themes Virtual Realities as Time Travel, Playing with Time, Facilitating Time Travel, Connecting Past and Present, Producing Historical Experiences 

For the full programme, and to reserve a place, please follow the link Ticket Tailor. We would love to see you there.

This event has been organised by Richard Cole, Research Associate in Ancient Greek History and Virtual Reality at the University of Bristol, in collaboration with Chris Bevan, Elisa Brann, Crescent Jicol and Emilia Tor and supported by both the Bristol Digital Games Lab and the Centre for Creative Technology.

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